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ALCOHOL cannot be brought into GCITA Clubs.....

All GCITA clubs have a liquor license and it is unlawful for alcohol to be brought into any of the clubs.

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9-pt. Tie-breaker (Dorianna James   Feb 12)

The player that was supposed to serve the next game in that set will serve the first two points of the tiebreak. Each remaining player shall serve on the same side of the court that they served on during that set. After the first four points, players should switch ends of the court. If time has run out and teams have split sets, a tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner of the third set. Remember..A tiebreaker counts as a game, therefore the opposite team will begin serving in the determining third set tiebreaker. Also..Serving rotation may be changed at the beginning of any new set. Sr. Men on Wednesday nights play a 10pt match tiebreak for the 3rd set (first team to 10, win by 2)


Teams Pts Wks
Camargo 0 0/7
Eastern 0 0/7
Queen City Gold 0 0/7
Western 0 0/7
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Aug 30 - Sep 5, 2019

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